Excessively Farting Passenger Forces Flight To Turn Around

Interior of commercial airplane with passengers in their seats

Photo: ViktorCap / iStock / Getty Images

A passenger who appeared to be purposely farting on a recent American Airlines flight from Phoenix, Arizona, to Austin, Texas, was removed from the plane.

Redditor u/Glamgalatx said that as he boarded the flight, he noticed an "audibly disgruntled" passenger who appeared to be having a rough day.

Once everybody was settled, the man apparently got into an argument with somebody sitting near him.

"I overhear him loudly say, 'You thought that was rude? Well, how about this smell' and farted. Idk what provoked that comment, and while kinda funny to overhear, it was uncalled for especially coming from a grown man on an airplane nonetheless," Glamgalatx wrote.

The farting man didn't stop there, yelling, "Yeah, everybody, let’s just eat the smelliest food possible all at the same time."

Then somebody else on the aircraft chimed in, telling him, "If you don’t like it, you can fly private.”

"That’s so f****** rude," the farting man replied.

"I think we’d all agree you’re the rude one here," another passenger responded.

By that point, the plane was taxiing to the runway for takeoff. However, the pilot decided to turn the plane around and return to the gate.

Then, the flight attendants informed the farting man that he was being removed from the plane.

"He simply replies, 'I don’t understand,' and she tells him they’ll talk about it off the plane. He gets up, grabs his bag, and quietly exits the plane. We all breathed a sigh of relief when he was removed."

After a delay of about 30 minutes, the flight took off and headed to Austin without further incident.

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