Alice Baldridge & Howard Weeden | Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll

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The Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll continues today with women who broke free from the traditions of their time. One of our historical visitors today worked to become the first female attorney in Alabama; another painted incredible portraits using only 2 or 3 horse hairs at a time. Our painter was a writer as well and resorted to using a pseudonym to get her work published after being told that women weren’t welcome…

The Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll continues, despite cancellation.

The Maple Hill Cemetery has reached its 200th year, and has been an October destination for history buffs and ghost story lovers alike for decades. The annual Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll has the best of both worlds and is an anticipated October event, serving as the main source of income for maintaining the cemetery grounds, headstones, walls, and even playground of the well-known landmark. 

Though the Stroll has been cancelled due to COVID, the stories are still coming to life throughout the month of October with the help of Dingo, Josie, and the colorful characters of Maple Hill. 

Join Dingo&Josie each weekday morning in the 6 and 8 o'clock hours on 102.1 WDRM to experience the Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll and click the link to donate to keep the tradition alive.

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