Cale Dodds at 102.1 WDRM in Huntsville, Alabama

Cale Dodds stopped by 102.1 WDRM to perform some songs off his upcoming album and his current single "Take You Back" in the Polaris Listener Lounge. Take a look at his photos and video below.

Cale Dodds is a gifted solo artist with a band-brain. He masterfully  plays  off  the  musicians  who  surround  him  and  creates  a  salon-style  performance  space  where  the  audience  is  a  welcome  extension  of  the  band.  

That  collaborative  style  carries  over  to  his  songwriting:  Dodds  has  a  tremendous  ability  for  turning  a  phrase  and   exploring   nuances   that   are   easily   overlooked.   Touted  by  Rolling  Stone  for  his  “smooth  pop-country  crooning  over  arena  ready  arrangements  distinguished  by  clever  lyricism,”  the  Columbus,  GA  native  mines  his  own  experiences  in  songs.  

The  clever  lyricist  will  take  his  latest  single  “Take  You  Back”  to  country  radio  this  spring  and  has  already  garnered  early  praise  as  a  CMT  #18for2018  Listen  Up  artist  and  a  Google  Play  Country  Artist to Watch. Meanwhile, his tune “Out of My System” scored a slot on Amazon Music Unlimited’s Best Country Songs of 2017 list.  

One of Rolling Stone’s New Country Artists You Need to Know, Dodds has already garnered more than 15 million streams on Spotify alone.



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