Don't Worry - North Carolina's Wild Horses Will Be Safe During Florence


Experts say centuries of instincts will help protect the majestic wild horses that roam North Carolina's barrier islands as Hurricane Florence approaches.

Meg Puckett, the herd manager of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, told CNN that the horses are better off staying in their natural habitat during the storm and will have a better chance at survival than if humans intervened. 

"We do everything that we can to protect them, but in situations like this, these horses have incredible instincts," Puckett said. "They're so resourceful, and they have an incredibly strong will to live."

Around 100 Spanish mustangs are known to roam the islands, and will head for the maritime forest where they will find shelter under cover of the live oak trees once the storm hits. They'll also go to higher ground during flooding, including the dunes, Puckett said. 

Forecasters warn that Florence could cause a dangerous storm surge as well as historic wind, rain and flooding. 

"These horses have been here centuries. They are probably better equipped to handle this kind of weather than anybody else on the Outer Banks right now," she said.


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