SNL Brings In Robert DeNiro, Ben Stiller To Milk Mueller and Cohen Cameos

SNL is not shy about bringing in guest stars to portray members of President Donald Trump's administration. Melissa McCarthy had a memorable turn last summer as former Press Secretary Sean Spicer, while John Goodman portrayed the recently fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. And of course, Alec Baldwin has been playing Donald Trump for what feels like the last ten years. 

But on this week's episode of SNL, Lorne Michaels and crew decided to take the audience down memory lane and bring out another pair of heavy hitter guest stars to portray some of the other members in the Trump administration's orbit. 

De Niro, portraying Special Counsel Robert Mueller, was there to interrogate President Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, as played by Ben Stiller, after FBI agents raided the lawyer's office last week. De Niro's Mueller interviewed Stiller's Cohen with the help of a lie detector, much like that one scene from their 2000 movie, Meet the Parents. 

"I'm Donald Trump's lawyer!" Stiller said. "I've got a whole hard drive that's just labeled 'Yikes!'" 

And yes, the sketch even managed to include one of the movie's most quoted lines in an episode hosted by SNL alum John Mulaney. 

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