Taliban Denies Raping American Hostage

posted by Hector Gonzales - 

A Taliban spokesman is denying claims that they raped an American hostage and killed her infant daughter.  A Canadian-American family that were held hostage by the Taliban are now in Canada after being freed.  Joshua Boyle made a brief statement to the press after arriving at the Toronto airport Friday.  The Canadian man said he and his American wife were in Afghanistan helping villagers in the country when they were kidnapped by the Taliban in 2012.  He said Taliban members killed an infant child and raped his wife.  Caitlyn Coleman was pregnant when the couple was captured. 

 The couple, along with 3 children, were rescued by the Pakistani military last week. The Taliban spokesman said the infant died in a miscarriage and that if they wanted to abuse or kill children, the couple wouldn't have returned home with any of the children.

Photo: AOL


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