On Tuesday, OFA, Obama's advocacy arm, held a nationwide "Action Day" on climate change. The results, like most recent OFA events, were rather underwhelming. Mostly a handful of people gathered outside some congressional district offices and held signs. In DC, it was worse. No one showed up. A Breitbart reader, though, caught up with an OFA activist in Huntington Beach, CA outside the office of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R). While most activists stuck to talking points, this one had some interesting ideas about overcoming opposition to climate change legislation. Arresting opponents and putting them on trial.

The activist began in typical classy OFA style:

I think Congressman Rohrbacher, whatever his name is, he is a loser. A big loser.

Things got more interesting when he was asked what we should do about Rep. Rohrabacher and other congressmen who vote against legislation to combat global warming:

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